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Is it time to start improving the quality of data in your business? 

Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights with BigQuery Data Warehousing

From Disorganised Data to Clear, Actionable Insights – Boost Your Business Growth Today

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Are You Struggling with Data Management?

As a business owner, you know the value of data.


But are you finding it difficult to:

  • Manage fragmented and siloed data?
  • Identifying which marketing channels are performing best?
  • Make sense of disorganised and unclear datasets?
  • Rely on fragile spreadsheets that break under pressure?

These common challenges can impede your business growth and efficiency. The good news is, I can help.

My Services

**BigQuery Data Warehousing:**
Say goodbye to fragmented data and disjointed analytics. I specialise in consolidating your data into a unified BigQuery warehouse, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility. This scalable solution handles large datasets efficiently, eliminating the limitations of traditional spreadsheets.

**Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting:**
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business performance with custom dashboards in Looker Studio and advanced machine-learning models. I provide detailed data analysis and actionable reports, helping you optimise your marketing ROI and business strategies.

**Marketing Attribution and ROI Analysis:**
Accurately track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. I implement robust attribution models that deliver detailed insights, allowing you to identify high-ROI channels and optimise your marketing spend.

**Custom Solutions for Unique Data Needs:**
Your business is unique, and so are your data needs. I offer tailored analytics and strategic recommendations to improve data quality and usability, ensuring your data solutions evolve with your business.

The FAST System: A Framework for Advanced Systematic Tracking

My proven FAST System takes your data management to the next level:

F – **Framework Setup:** I configure your data sources like GA4 and ad platforms for seamless integration and accurate tracking.

A – **Alignment of Data:** Ensuring all metrics and KPIs are consistently formatted and unified across platforms for easy analysis.

S – **Synthesis of Information:** Bringing all your data together, applying advanced analytical techniques to derive actionable insights.

T – **Tactical Implementation:** Using machine learning and customized alerts to drive strategic decisions and improve ROI.

Why Choose Me?

With over a decade of experience in data science and analytics, I’ve helped numerous businesses transition from chaotic data management to streamlined, actionable insights.

I’ve earned over $100,000 on Upwork with a 100% job satisfaction rating. I’m dedicated to helping you leverage your data for better decision-making and growth.

Ready to Solve Your Data Challenges?

Let’s discuss your data challenges and how my expertise can help transform them into business growth.

Schedule a call with me today and start your journey towards efficient data management and insightful analytics.

What Others Are Saying...

“As an e-commerce business, managing our inventory and sales data efficiently is critical to our success. Our Sage 200 database, while robust, couldn’t deliver the customized reporting we needed daily for our warehouse operations, nor did it support the advanced analytics capabilities we desired for our sales data. That’s where Scott came in. With his expert knowledge in SQL and Looker Studio, he transformed our complex data sets into visually appealing and insightful reports. Scott developed detailed SQL queries and designed a comprehensive dashboard that now gives us complete visibility into our sales and stock levels—information crucial for making informed business decisions. The improvements were significant and immediate. We now operate with a higher level of precision and efficiency, which has positioned us to enhance profitability and operational effectiveness. Throughout the project, Scott’s ability to incorporate feedback and make swift adjustments was invaluable. His dedication to not just meeting but exceeding our expectations was apparent in every interaction. Given the success of this project, we would not hesitate to engage Scott again for future data analysis needs. His skills have proven essential to our business, and we are more than satisfied with the results he delivered.”

Matthew Connor

Scott Dudley is one of the most hard-working and sincere people I have worked with. I managed him directly at Clickfunnels and it was so great to witness the enthusiasm, strong marketing, technical and customer management skills that he brought to the table.

He is self-driven and will be successful in any role that he takes on.

Rohini Khan

“During the time I worked with Scott in a Contract Management Team, Scott developed, built and maintained a database system which handled contractor quotes, work scheduling and invoicing. This was an invaluable tool used for managing contractor performance.

Scott is a dedicated professional, thorough and understanding. He works patiently with people to achieve simple solutions to complex problems. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott; he is forthright, good natured and a very capable business professional.

Rick Wooltorton

“Scott is very intuitive and has an eye for attention to detail. He is diligent and respects the clients viewpoint and offers suggestions to improve business processes. He is a good team member and was a valued member of our team. He developed a quotation database over four years ago and is still being used by Western Power.

Dave Francis

“Scott was a pleasure to work with, helping us to create an integrated Looker Studios dashboard. Would recommend and we’ll definitely use him again. Thanks again Scott!”

Jonathan C.

“I had a lot of fun working with Scott at ClickFunnels for four years in technical support. He was one of the teammates with whom I would want to have lunch every day. Scott was not just a technical master, but he also possessed excellent leadership qualities, which he used to inspire the rest of the team. Scott is a significant asset to any organization for which he works. I wish him continued success and a prosperous future.”

Aliv Jauad

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