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Who is Scott Dudley?

My background with data and stats goes way back to the early 80’s. I compiled cricket batting and bowling averages on an Apple 2C machine.

My professional career started out working with Microsoft Access databases. I got to the stage where I could create any type of data set needed, and could query it like a boss.

I even developed an application which the Western Australian government used at Western Power. The application managed the entire contract quoting process from start to finish. It worked beautifully.

Eventually, I moved into the internet marketing world and spent a few years as a direct response copywriter. I then worked at ClickFunnels for nearly 4 years helping out the 2CCX members with technical issues.

In my spare time I discovered the Google suite of products, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager,  and Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio). I learned how to use them together to get an accurate picture of how an online business is performing.

Now, I’m using this combination of skills while working at Convertico… and also providing tips for creators and one person businesses to help them “know their numbers”.

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