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Understanding marketing attribution isn’t just about keeping score; it’s about knowing who actually scored the goal and how.

For any marketing team, knowing which part of your strategy is converting viewers into customers is crucial. It’s like having a star forward in a football match — you want to know who’s putting the ball into the net, because that’s what ultimately counts.

In the marketing world, this is where the ‘Last Click’ model shines.

It credits the last interaction before a conversion, much like crediting the forward who scores the goal. It’s straightforward and eliminates the guesswork about where the conversion actually happened. This approach doesn’t just simplify things; it clarifies them, making it clear where to focus your efforts and budget.

Now, choosing the right attribution model can feel a bit like picking the right player for the match.

While all players are important, the one who scores the goals gets the spotlight.

The Last Click model helps you identify your marketing MVP—the channel or touchpoint that directly leads to a conversion.

However, attribution can get tricky with all the data flying about. You might find data scattered across different platforms like some rogue passes in a match, making it tough to see who’s playing a blinder and who’s just taking up space on the field.

That’s where my “FAST System” comes into play.

It’s designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Using Google Cloud’s BigQuery, it sets up a framework that sorts your data sources and gets them in line, so you can easily spot which marketing efforts are scoring goals. It’s a bit like having a top-notch coach who ensures that every part of your team is working together seamlessly.

So if you’re keen to stop guessing which parts of your marketing strategy are working and start knowing, consider giving the FAST System a go.

It might just be the strategic advantage you need to outplay the competition and see more of those conversions — those critical goals — coming through.

Interested in learning more about how my “FAST System” can transform your approach to marketing attribution?

Feel free to drop a line or connect for a chat here =>

Let’s kick some goals together!

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