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Who is Scott Dudley?

My background with data and stats goes way back to the early 80’s. I compiled cricket batting and bowling averages on an Apple 2C machine.

My professional career started out working with Microsoft Access databases. I got to the stage where I could create any type of data set needed, and could query it like a boss.

I even developed an application which the Western Australian government used at Western Power. The application managed the entire contract quoting process from start to finish. It worked beautifully.

Eventually, I moved into the internet marketing world and spent a few years as a direct response copywriter. I then worked at ClickFunnels for nearly 4 years helping out the 2CCX members with technical issues.

In my spare time I discovered the Google suite of products, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Big Query  and Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio). I discovered how to use them together to build robust data pipelines that show how a business is performing through data visualisation.

The whole point of this is setting up systems to “know your numbers”.

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