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As a marketer, you’ve probably heard the debate about which button colour is the best for increasing conversions on a landing page.

I find it funny. Some people swear by red buttons, while others argue that green buttons work better.

However, the truth is that focusing on the colour of your buttons is often a waste of time. While it may give you a lift, you should be paying attention to other factors that have a much greater impact on your conversion rate.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at 7 things you should be asking yourself instead.

1.Is the “call to action” text on the button compelling?

The text on your button is one of the most important factors for conversions. It should be short, sweet, and compelling. The text should tell the user what will happen when they click the button. For example, “Sign Up Now” or “Download Your Free Ebook.” You need to test what works best for your situation.

2. How much does the button colour contrast with the rest of the page?

While the colour of your button isn’t the most important factor, it’s still worth considering. You want your button to stand out from the rest of the page and be easy to find. Choose a colour that contrasts with the background colour of your page. For example, if your background is light, choose a dark colour for your button.

3. Does the button actually look like a button to click on?

Make sure your button looks like a button. It should be visually distinct from the other elements on the page. A user should be able to tell at a glance that it’s something they can click on. Don’t make the text break into two or three lines. Keep the text short and concise and try to give the button a 3D feel if possible.

4. Are the buttons in the correct placements (such as above the fold)?

The placement of your button is important. You should have one above the fold, which means it should be visible without having to scroll down. Place others in prominent locations, where it’s easy to find and click.

5. Would a plain hyperlink potentially convert better than a button?

Sometimes, a plain hyperlink might work better than a button. It depends on your page’s design and the context of the call to action. For example, if your page is very minimalist, a hyperlink might be more appropriate than a button.

6. Are you using too many buttons on the page?

Don’t overload your page with buttons. Too many buttons can be confusing and overwhelm the user. In general, stick to one or two buttons that serve a clear purpose. But if it’s a long landing page then maybe one per section is sufficient.

7. Does the button functionality actually work and takes them to the next page?

Finally, make sure your button works!

Test it thoroughly to ensure that it takes the user to the correct page. There’s nothing more frustrating for a user than clicking a button and nothing happens.

In conclusion, while some people believe that one color is better than another for button conversions, it’s not the most important factor.

Instead, focus on the call to action text, contrast, button design, placement, the number of buttons, and whether the button works.

By paying attention to these factors, you’ll be much more likely to increase your conversion rate than by simply changing the colour of your button from red to green.

But of course test and measure what works for your situation.

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